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This page covers all the ways you can interact with the INN24 team!

First.. . if you found this page that means you kinda have a clue about this WIKI stuff, which is awesome!. You understand that this is a great content management system that democratizes how we share information. You might even have a feeling like the narrative of stories you consume in the mainstream media is groomed or tailored to your worldview, or even seeks to convert your mind. You like your mind just the way it is thank you, and you actually seek more truths than you are fed. Great!!! because that is EXACTLY why we built this!

Make an account

Press 'create account' to get started

This allows users to create an account and interact with our content. At first a user only has basic access to the pages.

Add your details

Choose a Username, Password, (confirm it again!)

Email address you may optionally share

Real name you may optionally share

Now you are ready to go.

Next Steps

Get more access

Feel like contributing? Have some vital information to add to one of our past or present stories? Great! INN24 can grant you permissions to edit and create WIKI pages, but remember with great WIKI power comes great WIKI responsibilities.

contribute and make pages