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Welcome to open-source journalism, a foundation at INN24

You are INN the Wiki

At INN24believes that every being has a guiding force within them that is harmony with all things.

Through transparency and accessibility we can achieve this.

Working together through we can achieve this.

How to Get INNvolved

Want to be apart of the open source journey? Are you sick of events not getting the coverage you want? is to empower you to start. After you have created an account you can immediately start interacting with the open source world. If you are new here and want to understand this more, check out the wiki page on How to get INNolved with

Submit your content

If you have written an article and want to submit your content for review or even publication to any news source, please see the list here.

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How to Broadcast on Instagram live

Submitting Articles for the Editor -

Our Hour
This is Our Hour of produced News that has gone through our channels. We used the sources from our Wiki so you can check our sources and get involved in the creation of the story.
A show where we review our stories and the comments from you. We go through how your comments are heard and brought into how we grow our news.
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Getting started

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