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This is Our Hour, 44 minutes of news from our perspective


Set designs

close 1
Close up

Screen displays

Set up of the Network Station for Our Hour
Screen Left, Center, Right, with table in the middle

Stage Setup

  • Screen 1 - TV Left & TV Right still graphics of the Logo, they are handled by screen 1 on the PC
  • Screen 2 (Red) - This is the teleprompter screen and is duplicated to the monitor under the center camera
  • Screen 3 (Blue) - Center Screen is a duplicate of Screen Blue and handled by screen 3
These are the cable set up for Our Hour

Production Flow

The below table is the production flow of each Our Hour segment

Do we place Ads in Transitions? So we don't break up the flow

Show Sequence
Production flow Story board Transition Talent Times Comments
Hello I'm A1, & I'm A2, Where in the heart of it
Intro pumper
(15 sec)
A1 & A2 30 sec Anchor 1 - Hello

Anchor 2 - Hello and the date and this is Our Hour

News Pulse -
close 1
Short Talk
A1 5 min There will be 6 to 10 tickers
Headlines Stories-
A2 5 min 4 to 6 stories
A1 & A2 5 min
Weather / GTA today
Gta Today
Christina 4 min
Break - ADS 2 min
Headlines 5 min
Discussion A1 & A2 5 min
Interview or inner collective 15 min
A1 & A2 5 min
Close 1 min